ISN Certified
ISO/SAI Global Certified
TSSA Ceritfied
CWB certified

​Patrick Mechanical Limited regards its employees as the most valuable asset in an organization. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment through a proactive occupational health and safety improvement process.

To fulfill this commitment, everyone must work together to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment that meets or exceeds all legislated and industry standards. We will apply the continuous improvement process to health and safety and will strive to control or eliminate all reasonably foreseeable hazards that may result in accidents, personal injury/illnesses, fires, security losses or other property damage.

The corporation, management, employees, customers, guests, contractors, and subcontractors share responsibility. We are all responsible for accident prevention, therefore we must be dedicated to, and demonstrate behaviour that supports a strong, proactive safety improvement process. We all must lead by example, placing safety ahead of everything else we do. Employees are expected to follow all safe work practices established by management.

We must all work with, and support our health and safety program, to ensure that the necessary resources are made available to the program, and to consider the safety and health impacts and opportunities in all decisions.

All members of management, the Joint Health & Safety Committee, and all workers must join together in making health and safety an integral component of our daily activity. Health and safety is a key requirement for our success and viability.

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