For the past 25 years, Patrick Mechanical has specialized in dam repairs on structures of all sizes and conditions. We have the equipment, expertise and safety measures in place that enable our crews to effectively work on every part of a dam, whether above or below the water surface. With our fleet of barges, boats, cranes, excavators, and airplanes, our crews can tackle any local or remote job. Using innovative and cost-effective approaches, we can service, repair, replace or rebuild structures, including hydroelectric, diversion or reservoir dams of all sizes and materials.
Our workers, including millwrights, welders and various other tradespeople are certified and trained in construction and repair as well as in helicopter long lining, water rescue, barging and hoisting in all types of conditions and environments. To support our field installation, Patrick Mechanical has a full structural steel fabrication shop, complete with engineers and detailers, which enables us to turn around designed product over night and keep jobs on schedule.

Experience is key

Our crews are experts when it comes to working safely and effectively in remote work sites and near fast-moving waters. They have the experience to carry out long-lasting repairs or to service every part of a dam, whether it be above or below the water line. This includes welding, refitting, pinning and installation of newly-fabricated pieces to dredging and debris removal. All personnel are fitted with GPS monitoring and tracking to support our locations and receive specialized training on the environmental and safety aspects of every project or job.

Full Service in Ontario

  • Dam log lifter installation and repairs.
  • Coffer dam installation
  • High pressure injection grouting
  • Steel log gain and protection plate repairs
  • Boom installation.
  • Bridge repairs
  • Material transportation
  • Equipment transportation
  • Steam thawing, de-icing
  • Stop Log fabrication
  • Remote dam monitoring stations
  • Regular dam maintenance and inspections
  • Opening and closing dams (removing replacing stop logs)
  • Water movers