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    How to Get More Job Interviews Today?

    Do you know how to get more job interviews?

    Watch this video for some ideas from our HR team.


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    Do this in an Interview, And you’ll most likely not get the job

    Eye contact is key during an interview. Watch the video to learn more.


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    Most Common Question We Get Asked in an Interview

    The most common question we get asked in an interview is what type of work do we do?
    Here's the answer.....

    If you would like to learn more, [...]
  • biggest-demand-for-talent-is-in-this-trade_thumbnail.jpg

    Biggest demand for talent is in this trade

    Biggest demand for talent is in this trade.. it is basically Millwrights.

    Millwrighting is so versatile and so encompassing, a lot of people [...]
  • if-you-enjoy-helping-others-as-part-of-your-job_thumbnail.jpg

    If you enjoy helping others as part of your job..

    If you enjoy helping others as part of your job..

    Then you are automatically a team player.


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    Recruiting and COVID-19 .. What has changed..

    Recruiting and COVID-19 .. What has changed..

    Before this entire coronavirus situation, we always preferred one-on-one interviews, as it helps [...]
  • some-good-news-for-trades_thumbnail.jpg

    Some Good News for Trades..

    Here is some good news for trades..

    A lot of younger candidates are stepping into the trades field. We get a lot more resumes as compared to [...]
  • how-we-know-when-we-will-hire-you_thumbnail.jpg

    How We Know When We Will Hire You?

    How we know when we will hire you?

    When the perfect candidate is right in front of you, we become pretty excited and it's hard to hide it. [...]
  • if-you-re-willing-to-learn-and-grow-you-can-do-almost-everything_thumbnail.jpg

    If you’re willing to learn and grow, you can do almost everything!

    If you're willing to learn and grow, you can do almost everything!

    In this video, Darlene discusses how they learned an additional skill by [...]
  • how-we-know-if-you-re-lying-in-the-interview_thumbnail.jpg

    How we know if you’re lying in the interview?

    How we know if you're lying in the interview?

    Well, it is always pretty easy to catch when somebody is lying in an interview, especially when [...]
  • highly-skilled-employee-with-a-poor-attitude_thumbnail.jpg

    Highly skilled employee with a poor attitude

    Highly skilled employee with a poor attitude is difficult to deal with. If one has the perfect skill set and expertise for the job, it's [...]
  • have-you-ever-had-someone-yell-at-you-in-the-office_thumbnail.jpg

    Have you ever had someone yell at you in the office?

    Have you ever had someone yell at you in the office?

    We believe it's important to set boundaries and stick up for your team.

    What do you [...]
  • another-question-we-ask-trades-people-in-an-interview_thumbnail.jpg

    Another question we ask trades people in an interview.

    Another question we ask trades people in an interview is whether they are a team player.

    It's important to know how well your employees get [...]
  • delivering-as-built-drawings-at-completion_thumbnail.jpg

    Delivering as built drawings at completion

    Delivering as built drawings at completion.


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  • delivering-project-close-out-docs_thumbnail.jpg

    Delivering Project Close Out Docs

    Check out below in this video, delivering project close out docs.


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  • has-your-employer-ever-asked-are-you-happy-working-here_thumbnail.jpg

    Has Your Employer Ever Asked, “Are You Happy Working Here?”

    Has your employer ever asked you, "Are you happy working here?"

    At Patrick Mechanical Ltd. we make sure that our employees work at their [...]
  • exit-interviews-are-just-as-important-as-recruiting-interviews_thumbnail.jpg

    Exit Interviews are Just as Important as Recruiting Interviews

    According to Darlene Lilliane, exit interviews are just as important as recruiting interviews.

    Either it's about exit interviews or [...]
  • how-we-monitor-interest-and-engagement-in-an-interview_thumbnail.jpg

    How we monitor interest and engagement in an interview

    Darlene Lilliane shares how they monitor interest engagement during an interview.

    Well, according to her, an individual's body language pretty [...]
  • how-to-manage-emotionally-charged-conversations_thumbnail.jpg

    How to Manage Emotionally Charged Conversations

    In this video, Darlene Lilliane shares an awesome technique on how to manage emotionally charged conversations. ⁣

    Well, the best way is to wait [...]
  • i-was-told-by-several-people-that-my-age-was-going-to-prevent-me-from-getting-work_thumbnail.jpg

    I was told by several people that my age was going to prevent me from getting work. ⁣

    Debbie Rhude was told by several people that her age was going to prevent her from getting work.

    However, she was certain and confident that [...]
  • how-have-you-been-treated-in-a-2nd-career-being-over-40-years-old_thumbnail.jpg

    How have you been treated in a 2nd career being over 40 years old?

    Debbie Rhude shares her delightful experience how the PML is welcoming and supportive of employees over 50 years of age.


    ps. Follow [...]
  • debbie-rhude-shares-her-insights-on-how-the-employment-mentality-has-changed-through-the-years-instead-of-working-for-30-35-years-and-then-getting-ret_thumbnail.jpg

    Going Back to School at Age 57 Goes Against How I Was Brought Up

    Debbie Rhude shares her insights on how the employment mentality has changed throughout the years.

    Instead of working for 30-35 years and [...]
  • one-of-the-questions-we-ask-from-trades-people-in-an-interview-is-whether-they-are-willing-to-work-on-different-areas-of-the-job-as-a-team-when-they-h_thumbnail.jpg

    Here’s a Question We Ask Trades People in An Interview

    One of the questions we ask trades people in an interview is whether they are willing to work on different areas of the job as a team when they [...]
  • listen-in-as-debbie-rhude-shares-her-insight-on-how-to-identify-if-you-are-hiring-the-right-trades-person-according-to-her-a-resume-only-highlights-on_thumbnail.jpg

    How Do You Know If You’re Hiring the Right Trades People?

    Listen in as Debbie Rhude shares her insight on how to identify if you are hiring the right trades person.

    According to her, a resume only [...]
  • according-to-debbie-rhude-our-human-resources-administrator-employees-and-staff-pretty-much-want-the-same-thing-however-they-just-come-at-it-from-a-di_thumbnail.jpg

    Do Employees & Business Owners Want the Same Things?

    According to Debbie Rhude, our Human Resources Administrator - employees and staff pretty much want the same thing, however they just come at it [...]
  • debbie-rhude-our-human-resources-administrator-shares-her-delightful-experience-how-being-on-the-hr-turned-into-a-role-that-deals-with-both-company-an_thumbnail.jpg

    The One Role That Deals with Staff & Company

    Debbie Rhude, our Human Resources Administrator shares her delightful experience how being on the HR turned into a role that deals with both [...]
  • debbie-rhude-is-a-human-resources-administrator-at-patrick-mechanical-ltd-she-shares-her-story-on-how-she-fell-in-love-with-the-human-resources-depart_thumbnail.jpg

    I Fell in Love with Human Resources

    Debbie Rhude is a Human Resources Administrator at Patrick Mechanical Ltd.

    She shares her story on how she fell in love with the Human [...]
  • Scalable Modular Solution

    Scalable Modular Solution

    Using Climeon’s standardized solution ensures reliability, cost competitiveness and quick deployment.

    Installed capacity is easily scalable [...]
  • p002

    The Technology

    The Climeon module is based on ORC technology, which in short means using a hot source – high pressure – and a cold source – low pressure – to [...]
  • Climeon Heat Power System

    Climeon Heat Power System

    Waste heat and geothermal heat make up one of the World's largest energy sources and it is highly underutilized today. ⁣

    ⁣The Climeon Heat [...]
  • Looking for Health and Safety Field Coordinator’s

    Looking for x2 Health and Safety Field Coordinator’s in the area of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

    If you are interested or know someone that is [...]
  • Donating to Neo Kids

    Donation to Neo Kids

    Patrick Mechanical employees and our Social Committee led by Ashley Champagne raised $6,000

    Go team! ⁣

    The money raised for New Kids will be [...]

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