Founded in 1989, Patrick Mechanical is a leader in meeting the industrial, commercial, and institutional contracting needs of governments, corporations, and industries across the province.

Based in Sudbury, Ontario Patrick Mechanical has a team of over 125 highly qualified employees made up of engineers, tradespeople, and professionals who collaborate to ensure that any project is approached and completed using the highest levels of expertise and workmanship.

Patrick Mechanical is sought out and regarded as a leader in specialized fields and trades ranging from mechanical contracting, custom steel fabrication, plumbing, heating, and process piping to millwrighting and related services.

With over three decades of experience, Patrick Mechanical has helped develop and successfully deliver large-scale and extremely complex projects for clients across the province and country. Patrick Mechanical is renowned and respected for its in-house expertise and capabilities to understand the complexities of a project, regardless of size or scale, and to overcome any challenges, issues, or technical barriers in order to complete construction designs and strategies for its government, corporate and industry partners.

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35 Years of Growth and Innovation

Patrick Mechanical Ltd: Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence and Innovation - Company Logo

Join us as we embark on a journey through time, celebrating 35 years of excellence and innovation at Patrick Mechanical Ltd. 

From our humble beginnings in 1989 to our current status as industry leaders, every milestone in our journey has been a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.

Why Join PML and Live in Sudbury

Patrick Mechanical is a growing, dynamic and innovative mechanical company with an extensive fleet of skilled workers allowing us to offer services all over Northern Ontario. We are loyal to our customers; providing efficient and cost effective products and services.

In support of neo kids

Patrick Group of Companies' First Annual Golf Tournament

Patrick Group of Companies Golf Tournament cover photo

On July 10th, 2023, history was made as the Patrick Group of Companies hosted its first annual golf tournament in support of NEO Kids. 

With 36 enthusiastic teams teeing off, the tournament was a vibrant display of friendly competition and community spirit.

Patrick Group of Companies Golf Tournament photo