A Project During a Global Pandemic

Patrick mechanical group picture at coleman mine site for refrigeration and air cooling system


Patrick Mechanical’s Group of companies performed complete installations of civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical plant items on the Vale Coleman Mine – Refrigeration and Air Cooling System Project. Installed in 2020, located at the McCreedy East Fresh Air Raise in Levack, Ontario. With over 32,000 personnel hours onsite, our team of companies worked with client BBE Consulting Canada to install the first plant of its kind in Canada.


Tight project deadline

A global pandemic

changes in provincial and federal guidelines that impacted the logistics of international resources.

Despite the challenges posed to the project, the project critical milestones were achieved on schedule without compromising project safety or quality of the deliverables.


The geographic separation of the groups involved demonstrated a testament to the level of collaboration on this project. 
Engineering was based out of BBE Consulting, South Africa, in conjunction with BBE Consulting, Canada. Critical components were manufactured in Italy, Canada, China, South Africa, and the U.S.A. All piping was fabricated in Patrick Mechanical’s shop in Lively, Ontario, and structural steel was also fabricated right here in Northern Ontario.

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